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Studio KiKaBoe,  Unusual Jewellery & Artwork
Beads have been keeping Antoinette Wessels happy and grounded for decades.

The Mission artist discovered her love for them when she was a teenager. "I got very ill and ther wasn't much I could do to fill my days until I discovered the litle seedbeads.
The more I got into it, the more I liked working with it."

Her first creations were bead earrings which she bestowed upon family and friends.

Not only did she find something to do to pass her time in that time, she also learned her work could bring happiness to others.

She creates Unique Jewelry and Art work.

"My passion is bead weaving. Working on a project bead by bead is very exciting.
I love the free form of beading; no pattern, no image or idea what color to use."

She also started making her own unique lampwork beads, and incorporates them in her jewelry designs. She just finished a 26 hour silver smithing class.

Antoinette has now opened her new studio at Trendy or what Knot! Just go through the store to the back room and find her studio there!

KiKaBoe offers beaded handcrafted jewelry, genuine pearls, semi-precious gemstones and lampwork beads, inspired by couture fashion from decades past with an updated modern sense of design.

Studio KiKaBoe Unusual Jewellery

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