Heleen de Boer Couture Artistique
Heleen was born in Holland and received her early education there as well as two years of general secondary education, followed by five years of intensive training. Her professional training included pattern drafting, sewing, designing and advanced tailoring. She then qualified and received her teacher`s certificate.
In 1967 Heleen started her own school where she taught sewing and pattern drafting to adults.

Three years passed and she wanted to do womething more creative.

The next move was designing and sewing for an exclusive boutique `de Schaapskooi`.
This boutique catered to clientele  such as the Royal Dutch family.
At the same time she picked up her spinning and weaving skills learned in school and created unique garments sold at the boutique.

Heleen spent 14 years at the boutique before immigrating to Canada with her family in 1982. She continued her work and sold from her studio and organized countless fashion shows.

Heleen now lives in Chilliwack, BC where she has her home based studio. From her studio she weaves and spins, creating one-of-a-kind wearable art garments and original wall hangings as well as Father Christmas figures all with natural fibres.

Since 1997 Heleen has been part of the UFV Advisory Board of the Fashion Design Program.

Heleen is an active member of both the Langley and Mission Weavers & Spinners Guilds serving in various executive positions and is tirelessly promoting her craft at public functions in the community.