Molly Magid, artisan at Trendy or What Knot
From the time I held my first piece of pottery, this mysterious material, clay, has intrigued me. It is not surprising that as a child I dreamed of being an archeologist who traveled the world unearthing pottery shards from ancient civilizations. Attending a Ceramics History class given by Garth Clark at the Banff School of Fine Art in 1979, started me on the path of art making that has continued for over 30 years. After that class, I decided to attend Emily Carr University of Art and Design to complete my BFA in Photography and Printmaking. But clay was in my bones and I returned to work with it in 1998. Ever since then, I have been fortunate to study with accomplished artists from Canada, USA and England here in BC and Red Deer, Alberta. Canadian photographer, Randy Bradley, ceramic artists, Fredi Rahn, D'Arcy Margesson, Jim Etzkorn and Cathi Jefferson have been an inspiration to me as I gain experience and develop my own language.

​Pottery represents a craft that marries utility with beauty and it pleases me that people purchase my work to enjoy and use everyday. During my study of Art History, I was especially struck by the earliest Neolithic pottery forms made by the ancestors of Japan. According to archaeological evidence, the Jōmon people created amongst the first known pottery vessels in the world, known as Jōmon pottery, dated to the 14th Century BCE. The corded and patterned earthenware pottery is the ancient work that continues to inspire me today. My ceramic art practice also includes both printmaking and photographic​ techniques as vehicles for portraying personal ideas and image making.

~ Molly

Mission Clay Works Studio & Gallery