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Marilyn Davies' Profile


I love a little of everything , or perhaps a lot of everything, :0)

KrazzyCloset seems to describe me pretty well, my interests are very diverse, I love doing multiple forms of art.
I have been sewing since I was a girl, many moons ago, lol
The more colors the better, I can't seems to ever get enough fabric!

I have always loved the thought of have a one of a kind item, especially hats and purses.
When I started creating my own designs I used whatever was on hand, and came to realize that re-purposing/upcycling was very important to me.
Every piece of fabric I use was once something else, a very intriguing process I must say.
The thought that one of my hats, coin purses, or handbags may travel around the world is so exciting!

Favorite materials

fabric, buttons, beads, paint