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TJOCKT manufactures 4 different fat yarns.

Fat & Sassy Merino is supersoft extrafine merino wool and these yarns have been dyed in beautiful colours - 11 different shades.

Fat Alpaca Sings yarns are natural colour alpaca wool yarns - warm, fat and luxurious.

Fat Chance Finn yarns are made of natural colour superwarm and very soft finnsheep wool.

Fat Russian Roulette Merino yarns have 4 absolutely beautiful natural shades and these yarns are also as warm as it gets.

Here are our yarns (Fat Chance Finn, Fat Russian Roulette Merino, Fat&Sassy Merino, Fat Alpaca Sings) described in a nutshell:
100 grams of our fat yarns include about 10 meters of yarn meaning 0,22 lbs equals 38,2ft meaning roughly 10 yards
1kg of yarn equals about 100 meters meaning 2,2lbs equals about 382 ft and roughly 100 yards
With one kilogram of our yarns you knit about 0,4 squaremeter meaning an area of 45cm*85cm
You can wash any knit knitted with our yarn with gentle wool wash

Please note that all skeins are unique and they might have different amount of yarnmeters. Our yarns are handmade and the thickness of the yarn varies. So if the yarn is slightly thinner, it has more meters than the one that is slightly fatter.

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Fat&Fluffy Merino yarn is loosely twisted big stitch yarn made of 100% extrafine merino wool. This yarn is also for 25mm needles and it weights about 50% less than Fat&Sassy Merino so with this yarn you knit almost double the area as with Fat&Sassy Merino. Fat&Fluffy is spun in Finland. This yarn is most suitable for baby knits and super-soft knits that do not have to tolerate a lot of friction.

Needles: 25 mm (US 50)
Gauge: 3.5-4sts = 10 cm (4 inches)

Our 200gram skeins equal 36-40 meters

Washing: cold water, hand wash

Made in Finland

7-jumbo 3L 100

Fat & Sassy merino yarn is very big stitch yarn made of 100% finest merino wool. Yarn is spun in Finland. The wool originates from Falkland Islands which is one of the finest merino wools in the world. With this yarn you can create beautiful knits - from interior textiles to accessories. Fat&Sassy Merino is super soft, luxurious and non-icthing - also suitable for babies and knits close to skin.

Needles: 25-28mm (US 50)
Gauge: 3sts = 10 cm (4 inches)

Our 200gram skeins are 18-20m/22yards in length.

Washing: cold water, hand wash

Made in Finland

7-jumbo 3L 100

Fat Alpaca Sings yarn is super bulky big stitch yarn of 100% alpaca wool. This is bulkiest alpaca yarn seen and it is made in Finland. This yarn is amazing - it is huge, soft, wavy and luxurious - absolutely wonderful!! Be inspired and create the most beautiful and trendy knits with this yarn!

Needles: 20 mm (US 35)
Gauge: 4 sts = 10 cm (4 inches)

Our 200gram skeins equal 26 meters

Washing: cold water, hand wash
Wool origin: UK

Made in Finland

7-jumbo 3L 100

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