Ania Kyte torching in studio

My name is Ania Kyte, and in addition to being a Mom to my two sons, Alexander and Anderson, I am also a glass lampwork bead artisan (which means that I use a torch flame to melt glass and make artglass beads).

I discovered a passion for beadwork about 10 years ago, with the help of a good friend named Linda, who started me with a few basics and encouraged me in my progress. Since then, I have been involved in aspects of beadwork such as: beadweaving, loomwork, and wire-work.

On September 16, 2002, I took a class with a local lampwork artisan, and became passionate about the art of lampworking, which involves melting glass over a torch flame to create unique, hand-formed glass beads, one at a time. For the first five years, I used a very basic set up to create all my beads: a HotHead torch, propane gas, and Morretti/Effetre glass from Italy. Now, I use a more complex set up: a Nortel Minor torch, along with propane and an oxygen-concentrator for the majority of my work. I still keep the Hot Head set up on a secondary workstation for teaching classes and for working with Satake glass, a lead-based Japanese glass. All my beads are kiln-annealed overnight in my "Olympic Murano" kiln with a "Bartlett" digital controller for strength and durability. 

Since those early few months at the torch, I have been working towards developing good technique and a unique style - and now, even after several years at the torch, I'm still experimenting with the glass and enjoying the journey... And now, I create unique, custom jewellery using my own beads and high quality materials such as pearls, gemstones, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and gold, so all the work you see on this website has been hand-crafted by me, and I hope you enjoy my designs. 

Ania Kyte's bead jewellery

~ Ania

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