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Specializing in bears made from upcycled vintage blankets


I've been making soft toys long before I had kids and love doing it. The first softie I made was a simple cat and I fell in love with making adorable toys! Now that I have kids, they are my constant source of inspiration. I'm also inspired by lovingly hand made vintage toys, which comes out in my designs and color choices. 

I developed my newest softie, "Little Wool Bear" made from lovely vintage wool blankets. The idea came after I collected some blankets for another project; looking at the fabric, it was just so soft, and it was sturdy enough to make a durable bear for little ones to tow around. The colors that the wool blankets come in are beautiful, each bear color is a limited run. From each blanket I can make anywhere from 1-6 bears.

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Art dolls & Little Wool Bears