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Fat Russian Roulette

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Fat Russian Roulette is truly a super super bulky big stitch yarn, made of 100% natural coloured  Russian sheep’s wool - no chemicals used. Spun in Finland with raw material from Russia. Russian sheep wool is as warm as it gets and super soft. With these natural colour giant yarns you are able to create the most inspiring knits and interior textiles. Ideal for almost anything!

While the texture is a bit fuzzier than Fat & Sassy, it’s still pre-washed and slightly felted on the outside for less pilling and no shrinking! Spun the old-fashioned way rather than corespun, so there’s no worming or separating even when you have to undo or “frog” your stitches.

Great for first time projects because you can actually “see” the stitches, and with a finished object in an hour or two, you practically get instant gratification!

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